Sketch of the Family Avatar

Bret and Jessica got married about ten years ago. After living in the city for a few years, along came Jalen. It was then that they began their search for a neighborhood that was both hip and safe as they started to raise their family. Bret works from home a couple days a week, along with some travel as a medical sales representative. Jessica works part time while working toward her MBA in hospital administration online. Their son, Jalen, is both a gifted athlete and budding musician and artist. The family works hard and plays hard. When not attending one of Jalen’s activities, Bret and Jessica still like to find time for each other and enjoy wine, craft beer, and the theater. With their busy lifestyle, they make sure they stay in shape by eating right and hitting the gym several days a week. HighPoint was the perfect place for them. The Community Arts Center, Friendship Centre with Club Fiziq and InfoBrew, after school and summer camp childcare onsite, was everything they wanted in a neighborhood and more.

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